Cressi AGUA SHORT, Adult Short Fins for Swimming & Snorkeling

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Cressi Agua Short Full Heel Swimming Fin is the leisure swimmer and snorkelers fin. Short blade provides strength to each thrust Self adjusting foot pocket reduces ankle fatigue Fins placed above foot pocket reduces drag and conserves energy.
Agua Shot Fin
The Agua Short Fin is the ultimate advanced training fins.
The Agua fin aids you in the pool or for really passionate sea swimmers or snorkelers . The Agua fins were designed to optimize training without interruption, offering excellent comfort and flexibility due to the New technological Cressi design, the self-adjusting foot pocket.

The short blade is made of a highly reactive, light weight material which guarantees agile and effective kicking while not tiring out your legs. The innovative design of the blade angle, hydrodynamic rails and the above blade foot pocket offers the best combination of propulsion and kick speeds.
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