Cressi MAREA JR & MINI DRY, Youth Kids Snorkeling Mask and Dry Snorkel

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New product 2012 Marea Jr mask with Dry Kids snorkel in reusable black carry bag.
Marea Jr & Mini Dry combo
Cressi, Since 1946
Cressi was founded in 1946 as a diving company rich in innovation, product design, development and manufacturing. An entirely family owned and operated Italian brand, Cressi was the first company to produce items such as the diving mask with dedicated nose pocket, and the adjustable open heel fins. Currently, Cressi created four subdivisions like Diving, Spear Fishing, Snorkeling and Swimming that are designed to fulfill the needs of the most demanding clients. The passion that stimulated the owners to start the company is still present and combined with the most advanced technology results in best and reliable products.
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