K2 Skate Marlee Boa Inline Skates

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The BOA closure system<br>5 size adjustability<br>72mm wheels - max wheels 76 mm<br>Junior BOA cuff
KEY FEATURES Boa Closure System tightens the entire skate with just the turn of a dial Boa Cuff eliminates the top strap for reduced weight improved comfort and quicker lacing Five Size adjustability makes sharing easier or simply lets the boot grow with them Its hard to find something thats easy and adaptable but thats just what makes the K2 Marlee Boa Childrens Inline Skate so special Its built to adapt to fit five different shoe sizes meaning its easy to share or better yet let the skate grow with the skater so they wont outgrow the skates quite so fast Pair that with an easy to use Boa Closure System which tightens the K2 Original SoftBoot and even the cuff with just the turn of a dial SPECSWheel Durometer 80
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