Planet Audio TRQ322 Torque 140 Watt (Per Pair), 3.5 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way Car Speakers (Sold in Pairs)

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CONE: Made from polyurethane, The TRQ322 3.5 inch car speakers provide a resilient and durable material that can offer great sound with the advantage of long lasting speakers<br>VOICE COIL: Our voice coils are able to withstand high temperatures yet maintain its strength and fatigue properties. making our voice coils with this material, gives our speakers the advantage of longer play times with lower weights<br>SURROUND: We use rubber in a lot of our subwoofers. It has the ability to endure much punishment without any sign of damage. It compliments the whole structure of the speaker by allowing constant abuse where it is most needed, without the wear and tear<br>STAMPED BASKET: A Die-cast frame can absorb and transfer much of the energy produced by the speaker. It has good corrosion resistance, good mechanical property, high thermal and electrical conductivity and retains strength at high temperatures.<br>TWEETER: The dome shape radiates sound with a wider dispersion pattern than the semi-dome design. Since high-frequency sound waves are very directional, a wider dispersion of the sound waves will give you a larger "sweet spot"<br>SPECS: Impedance ? 4 Ohms, Frequency ? 105 Hz to 20 kHz, Dimensions ? 3.4? x 4.8? x 2?, Mounting Depth 1.6?, Mounting hole 3.1?<br>WARRANTY: BOSS Audio Systems provides a powerful 3 year platinum online dealer warranty so long as the purchase is made through
Style:3.5" 2-Way<br>Planet audio's Torque full range speakers are the perfect complement to the line up. Our Basket full range and components are designed for increased power handling and unrivaled Output. The enhanced cone midbass is coupled with tweeters for the ultimate in sound reproduction to let your music be heard the way you want it, loud.
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