ABSOLUTE BLACK Race Face Oval Cinch Boost Direct Mount Traction Chainring Black, 34t


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Absolute Black is one of the leaders in the oval ring market because it leaves no stone--or crank, in this case--unturned. The Race Face Oval Cinch Boost Direct Mount Traction Chainring's very specialized application proves this assertion: its offset and direct-mount design work with a Cinch crank mounted on a Boost frame. This makes installation comically easy and lets you get straight to the chainring's raison d'etre, which is reducing the dead spot in your pedal stroke to reanimate lost watts. By reducing that dead spot, Oval Traction Chainrings boost traction by essentially spreading the power input load more evenly across the pedal stroke. Keeping power constant lets your tire exert a steady force on the trail, so there are fewer instances of slipping out in wet or mucky conditions. The ring shape also spreads the work your body is doing more evenly across the different muscle groups involved, which means less strain on your biological machine, too.