Acorn Women's Talara Mule Slipper


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Treat your feet with the acorn talara mule slipper. this women's slipper is fully lined in soft sherpa fleece and includes the lofty acorn memory foam midsole over a comfort cushion layer of featherweight eva. the enhanced raised heel and arch provide stability and support while the no slip weatherproof outsole make this acorn slipper perfect for indoor/outdoor wear. the original embroidery detail is just a beautifying added detail to the already perfect acorn talara mule slipper.<br>Over the years, Acorn has designed and innovated to create the comfort classics America has grown to love. Today an expanded product line including Classic Comfort, Studio Comfort, Spa Comfort, and After Active provides customers with a lifestyle collection that fits their needs. Acorn has searched the world to provide footwear for today's lifestyle-- you can count on Acorn to still live by their commitment to provide Comfort on Earth one pair of feet at a time.