Adventure Medical Kits GlacierGel Blister and Burn Dressing

Adventure Medical

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Relieve pain from blisters and burns in the backcountry with these cooling sterile adhesive dressings.<br>Stopping pain and starting the healing process on contact, GlacierGel is easy to apply and stays in place for multiple days.<br>Adhesive gel is highly cushioning, cooling, and absorbent, providing instant and complete pain relief for blisters and burns.<br>Just peel the protective membrane from the dressing and apply. Each blister/burn kit includes three 3-inch by 1.75-inch oval pads, three 1-inch by 1.25-inch pads, six alcohol wipes for surface preparation, and foot care instructions.<br>Waterproof and breathable; this dressing will stay in place and keep the blister area clean and protected while allowing moisture to escape.