Bertucci Men's 11027 Analog Display Analog Quartz Brown Watch


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The DX3 Field brings classic styling to a rugged matte finish poly-resin case that offers a long list of non-compromised performance features and components such as a reliable all metal quartz movement, Swiss super luminous hands, a rugged U.S. patented DX3 case and band, and a hardened mineral glass crystal. A watch ready for duty regardless of the whether it's work, play, the field or military endeavors.<br>Our Story, Your Watch<br>Our story is a simple one. ItÕs all about building a better watch, and itÕs all about our promise of performance to you. This is derived from a belief that long lasting quality, and attention to detail matter. It is this focus and integrity that drive us - an honest, true and authentic way. We believe if a watch is done right, it connects with you, creating an emotional touch point that says something about you. This is how we approach watches at Bertucci. This could only come from a company solely focused on field watches for you.<br>What is a Bertucci Field Watch<br>If you were to own only one watch, it would be a watch well suited for lifeÕs endeavors. It would need to possess the qualities of durability, singularity of purpose, and versatility in use. In essence, equally rugged and refined, with a classic, understated, and enduring style.<br>For years, Bertucci Field Watches have been field tested and validated in places far and wide. They generally end up in places where time is best spent, or places that bridge the human experience, or places where life may travel at the same speed, but where it holds more value. Bertucci Field Watches are ready to survive the day to day challenges that come your way É wherever that place may be.<br>Durability By Design<br>YouÕll feel it the moment you wrap a Bertucci Field Watch around your wrist. YouÕll notice the innovative, ergonomic design, quality materials, and the premium features and components that went into it. When we create a watch, we study the ways in which it will be worn and used by people that demand the most from the products they depend on. This approach requires an attention to detail - an attention to performance. ThatÕs no accident, itÕs the result of our Durability By Design certification process and the foundation for our Promise Of Performance. Simply put, Bertucci Field Watches perform like no other watch because theyÕre built like no other watch.<br>Original... Our Passion<br>ItÕs in our blood and itÕs in our brand. Bertucci Field Watches is a 10 years old, independent start up, stand alone U.S. Company. We are the market leader in titanium field watches, offering the widest array of solid titanium styles in a variety of case shapes, designs, sizes and finishes. Our watches are designed, engineered, tooled and manufactured from the ground up with a passion for performance - itÕs about doing things the right way. Our unique approach results in watches that are truly original.<br>See all Product description