Casio Men's G-Shock GWN1000B Gulfmaster Watch


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Introducing Gulfmaster, the new G-Shock Series thatÕs designed and engineered with the maritime adventurer in mind. The new Gulfmaster ocean concept G-Shock that predicts weather changes. For the toughest men who challenge the deepest seas, Casio presents the ultimate maritime G-Shock with Smart Access technology. Equipped with Triple Sensors for measuring direction, atmospheric pressure/altitude, and Temperature hands serve to indicate atmospheric pressure and compass bearing.<br>Triple Sensor Ver.3<br>Triple Sensor Version 3 puts high-speed bearing, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and altitude reading capabilities at your fingertips. All protected by Gulfmaster shock resistance, which is engineered to stand up to the harshest maritime conditions. Atmospheric pressure readings can be taken automatically every two hours, and the second hand indicates the difference between the current reading and the previous reading.<br>Measurements<br>Besides providing atmospheric pressure measurements that help predict the weather, Gulfmaster is equipped with an atmospheric pressure information function that alerts seafarers to approaching low-pressure systems and storm fronts. Two white LED lights cast brilliant illumination on the hands and LCD. Their use in combination with phosphorescent coating ensures excellent legibility in the dark.<br>A high-visibility arrow-shaped small hand serves as an indicator for such important maritime intelligence as Tide Graph tidal movement data and atmospheric pressure tendency information. Metal parts give the dial an assertive presence. The combination of Multi Mission Drive with an electronic crown switch gives users intuitive control over multiple functions. Simple crown operation enables them to perform altitude adjustments, change alarm time settings and switch among Home Time cities.