CEP womens Ultralight compression socks


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60% Polyamide, 25% Elastane, 15% Polypropylene<br>Imported<br>Machine Wash<br>CEP Ultralight Run Socks: Ultralight compression provides women with a comfortable, functional fit for athletes. Prevent sweaty feet with these lightweight minimalist Ultralight socks that are perfect for warm humid climates, keeping your skin dry<br>Support Socks: Reduce swelling and muscle soreness with the perfect compression stocking. Perfect for traveling or nursing socks, preventing shin splints, marathon training, hiking, playing basketball, cycling, or long runs<br>Graduated Compression: 20-30mmHg compression increases circulation and delivers more fuel to muscles for elevated endurance. CEP Ultralight design provides advanced breathability and moisture wicking, while preventing rubbing and improving shoe fit<br>Comfort & Quality: Ultralight design improves air flow over the skin and allows air to cool the skin helping moderate body temperature while padded cushioning and seamless toe-closure protects against blisters and hotspots<br>60% Polyamide (Nylon), 25% Elastane, 15% Polypropylene