Challenge Chicane TLR Tire - Tubeless Black, 33mm

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Most cyclocross racers have a quiver of tires at their disposal to cover a variety of conditions, and we'll agree that makes sense since you have about an inch and a quarter contact patch at each wheel, however, Challenge's Chicane TLR Tire is so good at blending speed and traction that we feel it can replace your usual file tread and intermediate options. So unless conditions are exceptionally muddy or slick, the Chicane is fantastic for rolling quickly and putting power to the ground. And with the new crop of tubeless CX tires being so good and easy to swap out, we're wondering if tubular wheels and tires' days are numbered. The Chicane is unique in that its center section resembles that typical file tread that's responsible for its low rolling resistance while its side knobs come from its mud specific Limus tread pattern for confidence in those off camber sections and while heeling the bike over for hard cornering. This proven tread is versatile over grassy, dusty courses, in sand or for icy, frozen conditions. Its 33mm width shouldn't garner any suspicion from UCI judges as long as you adhere to its recommended internal rim width of 15 to 19mm. The 120 TPI casing might not be quite as supple as the 300+ TPI cotton casing of some tubulars, however, we'll gladly accept its added durability and hassle-free mounting in return. Finally, Challenge recommends a pressure range between 40 and 75psi but we'd recommend something closer to the mid-20's and 50's depending on your weight and riding style.

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