CushCore Bead Bro - Locks Bead in Place, Rubber Bumper, Strong & Durable Plastic, Works with Any Wheel Size & Rim Width, Wheel Insert Installation Tool for Easy Installation, Bead Bro (Single)

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The CushCore Bead Bro clips between the tire bead and rim, secures to the rim with a set screw, and clips to a spoke. This allows for use of both hands while installing the remaining portion of the bead without it popping out. The Bead Bro is made from a durable plastic and utilizes a rubber bumper to lock onto the rim to avoid any scratching or rim damage. Compatible with any rim width and both carbon and alloy rims. It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s your Bead Bro. As a company, CushCore is based on a new concept of tire suspension. Suspension systems work by utilizing a spring and a damper to diminish the effect of bumps and dips on the overall quality of your ride. Now, with CushCore, the pressurized air in your tire acts as the spring and the CushCore tire inserts act as the damper. Go bigger, corner harder, & ride faster with CushCore!

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