Elite 0061698 Custom Race Skin Water Bottle Cage, Black


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the bottle cage elite custom race bottle cage black 2016 of the intermediate range of elite has a classic design and self-adjusting. a durable, quality product and ensuring maximum lightness, with just 45 grams of weight. its preparation with composite plastic materials offers a strong and lightweight structure with the particularity of a self-adjusting design to the diameter of the drum. copyright to retto.com has also several positions to adapt to each picture. the added rubber tensioner holding firmly the drum for maximum fit and security. its innovative design absorbs the vibrations caused by the container. features:-intermediate range of elite. -weight: 45 grams. -strong and lightweight structure. -the diameter of the drum self-adjusting design. -several positions to adapt to each picture. -absorption of vibrations. -added for greater fit rubber tensioner. -available in a wide range of colors and graphic designs.