Fish Monkey Gloves Stubby Guide Gloves, Large, Grey Water Camo

Fish Monkey

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ItÕs a half finger guide glove with shortened fingers and shortened wrist. The Stubby is a natural on the water especially for those who want the protection but not the bulk. Use them for poling the boat, casting, releasing fish and more. These Fish Monkey Gloves feature UPF 50+ protection, ensuring that your time in the sun is safe and fun. Even when youÕre spending a full day fishing, you donÕt have to worry about the sun on your hands as long as you got Fish Monkey. ThereÕs nothing worse than a soggy glove. ThatÕs why these Fish Monkey Gloves are designed with quick dry, breathable fabric. Water and sweat are no problem so you spend less time worrying about getting dry and more time worrying about getting that fish. Fish Monkey is the marine industryÕs first brand to offer a complete line of fishing, boating, and watersports gloves. Fish Monkey products are designed to help you protect yourself and look good along the way. Package contains (1) Fish Monkey Stubby Guide Glove. Intended Use: Hand protection from cuts, sun and fatigue. A professional guideÕs best friend, perfect glove for poling, casting, fish management and sun protection.