Gladiator Peak Trekking Poles 100% Carbon

Gladiator Peak

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HEALTHY BODY and pleasure of movement comes to you, when you choose to join the dynamic family of hikkers and backpackers. Gladiator Peak trekking poles are a great oppportunity to keep moving and reduce load on knees, hips and ancles, whether you are charged with heavy load or walk light. Provide yourself with extra stability and give your walk a longer duration.
WALKING STABILITY assured with natural cork handle and additionally protected with ultra soft and padded hand strip with ajustable length regulation. Your Gladiato Peak hikking poles will comfortably remail in your hand, offernig pleasurable touch and comfort, as well as reliable grip because of the best quality eco-friendly materials of our handle design.
YOUR INDIVIDUAL AJUSTMENT is achieved when you extend the poles up to your height, to your walking needs (up or down the hill), and arrange your poles compactly in their storage bag thanks to the telescoping properties of the Gladiator Peak poles. For even more convenience, we've arranged double scale on the poles, so now you can easily reset your own length in no time! A lever lock is easy and reliable, on guard of your time economy.
WIDE CHOICE OF TERRAINS. With Gladiator Peak trekking poles you are ready to explore all types of surfaces. Try and walk any type of terrain with multiple tips from the set. Gladiator peak provides you with 2 pairs rubber tips, 2 pairs of connectors, 2 boot tips, 2 mud baskets, and snow baskets (snow baskets for light snowshoeing only, NOT for skiing. Try them all, and pick your favorite!
ENJOY BEST MATERIALS with these ultra firm and durable poles, that will serve you long and will become your great trekking companion. We've combined sturdy and light characteristics for your maximum convenience, and to give you most possibilities out of your new active sport facility. Walk, climb, mount, descend, cross rivers, put aside bushes and keep to the rhythm with the Gladiator Peak trekking poles!

Trekking poles is a great hiking possibility. Not only they serve you as a support when it becomes hard to overcome important distances, with age or after some health issues. They can serve pretty well to everyone, and can be considered an outdoor activity apart. They are great when your goal is to stick to a certain speed or walking rhythm. They provide you with extra support when you are loaded with a heavy backpack. They assure additional stability when crossing rivers or stepping on slippery stones in the mountains. And also, they help put away branches or monitor covered spots on your way. From our side, Gladiator Peak team picked up the best materials and many improvements for your best impression and long-lasting comfort from using our poles. Gladiator Peak offers to your attention collapsible carbon trekking poles with adjustable length of 24 Ð 53 inches, as light as 0.6 lbs, cork handle for comfortable grip and additional EVA strap with a soft pad. The poles are provided with marking scale to regulate the length needed, and a lever lock for fast and easy fixation. The set is supplied with 4 addition tips for different terrain, to serve your multiple tasks: you will find 2 pairs rubber tips, 2 pairs of connectors, 2 boot tips, 2 mud baskets, and snow baskets in your set, all wisely packed in a storage bag.