HME Products Seal-Tite Drop Wick (Pack of 3), Olive


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Product Description<br>Easier to hang - larger open v-shape design cradles the branch and will not fall off Rain shedding design - umbrella shaped roof protects the wick from falling moisture Built-in adjustable wick exposure feature allows the wick to be exposed just enough to disperse the scent 100% air tight - double o-ring design ensures a 100% air-tight seal Easy to dip - the hanger easily separates from the container to allow the wick to be dipped into a scent bottle<br>From the Manufacturer<br>The Seal-Tite Drop Wick is a resealable, airtight, scent dispenser that has a open hook design for easy hanging. The hanger portion of the scent dispenser friction fits into the container allowing the user to separate the hanger, with wick, for easy dipping in desired scent. This friction fit feature along with the roof is a true rain shedding design and allows the user to adjust the amount of exposure to prevent rain from diluting their scent. Comes with 3 in a package and includes 3 extra replacement felts.