Hydrapak UltraFlask - Collapsible Soft Flask Water Bottle for Hydration Pack


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Hydrapak Ultraflask 500ml For quick on the go hydration, the Hydrapak Ultraflask ensures that you will stay on top of your game with no distractions. Able to hook onto your body as you run through your belt or vest, the bottle can sit on flask can sit on you whilst you exercise, freeing up your hands. A tube can be used to drink from at any time with little fuss and hassle. As you drink, the bottle shrinks, meaning that there is less water movement. As well as this it can be twisted or collapsed to a quarter of its size. This makes it easily storable in a fully packed bag, or even small enough to put it in your pocket. Ultra-durable and abrasion-resistant, the bottle can be put through a lot whilst withstanding damage. Liquid can be frozen inside of it, whilst hot water up to 60¡ C can be filled in it. With plastic waste being a huge current problem for our world, the sustainable and ethically designed bottle will help you reduce your need to buy single-use bottle from the shop only to throw it away once used.Hook