K2 Skate Men's Mod 110 Inline Skate, Gray Black Yellow, 6


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KEY FEATURES Oversized 110mm wheels provide exceptional stability at speed and a smooth ride Ultra low friction ILQ9 Bearings help you roll quickly and efficiently Extruded 6016 Aluminum Frame ensures efficient power transfers with minimal weight Reach new speeds with the K2 MOD 110 Inline Skates on your feet The oversized 110mm wheels offer improved stability and a smoother ride letting you focus on going just a bit faster and less time worrying about the road surface Those big wheels spin on ILQ 9 PRO Bearings delivering low friction performance to help you keep rolling fast even when you need to catch your breath And all of that is mounted in a light yet responsive Extruded 6061 Frame attached to a Dual Density Cuff so every ounce of your energy goes into moving you forward SPECSWheel Durometer 85