K2 Skate Unnatural Inline Skates, Size 7, Black/Black/Gold


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Unnatural is defined as 'contrary to the ordinary course of nature; abnormal' which describes the K2 Unnatural aggressive skate very well. The K2 Unnatural offers a pleasing look while also offering all the great features you expect out of a K2 aggressive skate.The K2 Unnatural has a slightly larger than average wheel for an aggressive skate at 60mm which offers a bit more speed and smoothness while skating. The wheels are complimented by K2's new frame technology which offers a larger H-Block integrated into the UFS frame, as well as the ability to rocker the skates with rockerable frame spacers. Grinding is made even smoother with the new aggressive base which offers Teflon inserts on the soul area of the skate which will give the skates a smooth and fast slide over obstacles. Comfort meets with functionality with the adjustable shock absorbing footbed and high collar K2 softboot liner. Added support and shock absorption is something any aggressive skater will be happy with.Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just beginning as an aggressive skater, the K2 Unnatural is going to be a great choice.<br><br>Specifications:<br>Tongue: High Collar Tongue<br>Skate Type: Aggressive<br>Wheel Configuration: 60mm - 60mm - 60mm - 60mm<br>Wheel Durometer: 88A<br>Bearing Type: ABEC 5<br>Maximum Wheel Size: 60mm<br>Outsole Material: Performance Composite<br>Exterior Material: Performance Composite<br>Bearing Grade: Recreational<br>Wheel Size: Under 70mm<br>Liner Type: High Collar K2 Softboot<br>Wheel Set-up: Straight<br>Shock Absorber Type: Adjustable Shock Absorber<br>Frame Type: Aggressive UFS Frame<br>Skate Frame Material: Performance Composite<br>Skate Closure System: Traditional Laces<br>Skate Cuff Height: High<br>Brake Included: No<br>Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate - Advanced<br><br>Product ID: 456760<br>Shipping Restriction: This item is not available for shipment outside of the United States.<br>Model Number: I1702