Kask Valegro Helmet


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We grabbed our first glimpse of the Kask Valegro Helmet onthe heads of Team Sky riders at the 2017 Tour as they donned them on thehottest mountain stages where aerodynamics takes a back seat to light weightand ventilation. Since that time, we've been patiently waiting for Kask tobring the helmet to the market for us mere mortals. The team that's known forits obsession with marginal gains once again makes--ahem--headway in helpingdesign a product that in the end, we all benefit from. Kask engineers carefully shaped the profile of the Valegro'spolycarbonate shell and verified the results in the wind tunnel, creatingexceptional cooling performance and heat exchange, the perfect recipe for ahelmet to keep your head cool on climbs in July. The Valegro offers itsimpressive cooling through 37 vents and the new breathable and quick-dry pads.This 5mm thick 3D DRY padding is anti-static and antibacterial and has amulti-layer open cell construction process so it wicks away sweat whileremaining extremely comfortable. And because your perspiration evaporatesquickly, less humidity is formed so the temperature remains more constant. Kask and Team Sky both realize that a well-ventilated helmetdoesn't amount to much if it isn't safe so it uses in-molding technology tojoin the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate which ensures bettershock absorption. This helmet, like all Kask helmets, features MIT Technology,that Kask touts as being safer and offering more protection due to the factthat the polycarbonate layer covers the top of the helmet as well as the basering. Keeping the helmet in place during the ride and an unfortunate event of acrash is its much-lauded Octo Fit system. A rubberized dial adjuster provideseasy two-finger adjustment of the floating cradle's contact points for comfortand they oscillate freely through a 180-degree range allowing for a perfect fiton a variety of head shapes. Another returning favorite is the eco-leatherchinst...