LEZYNE Connect Drive 800XL / Strip 150 Lumen Rear Connect Pair, Two High-Performance Multi-Purpose LED Cycling Lights with Wireless Remote Switch


Regular price $14,999.00

FRONT LITE DRIVE 800XL: This LED cycling light is compact, durable and has a heat-dissipating machined aluminum body. Ultra high-output LEDs producing up to 800 lumens.<br>EIGHT MODES: The LEZYNE Connect Drive 800XL has eight mode options, including highly disruptive Daytime Flash mode.<br>REAR STRIP DRIVE: Powerful and versatile LED taillight. Light and durable co-molded lens/body construction. Unique aero and round post compatible design. Five ultrahigh-output LEDs delivering up to 150 lumens.<br>MOUNTING: Built into the front and rear light mounting straps which are fully adjustable suiting both aero and standard bar types. The straps provide a quick release which is ideal for commuters and urban road cyclists. The straps make it easy to remove for charging. The front lights run for 76 hours. The rear lights run for 30.5 hours. They take 2 hours to recharge.<br>USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHTS: Both lights come with integrated, rechargeable batteries which can easily be recharged via any standard USB port. The Connect Drive 800XL front light can be charged via the provided cable. Meanwhile, the Strip Connect comes with an integrated USB port which can be plugged directly into a USB port for quick and easy charging on the go.