LEZYNE Micro Floor Drive XL Bicycle Hand Pump, Low Pressure Extra High Volume 35psi, Plus-Size or Fat Tires, Presta & Schrader, Portable Air Bike Pump


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If you ride with fat tires, chances are you know the pain that comes along with pumping one up with a hand pump. Lezyne also knows your pain, which is why it created the Micro Floor Drive XL Pump, and while combining the words Micro and XL into one name might sound a bit like an oxymoron, it is surprisingly fitting for this compact pump with a massive air chamber created for pumping fat and plus tires. Designed to be packable, the Micro Floor Drive XL has an adjustable foot peg that folds up to keep the pump as a compact cylinder, or down to use as leverage when you have to get pumping, and a long, integrated hose makes it easy to hook up to your tire. Its chuck is both Presta and Schrader compatible, so it's easy to pump with whatever valve you're running, and threads on for a tight fit. This particular model does not come along with a pressure gauge, which helps it save on weight, but you'll have to have a keen sense for when your tire is at the right PSI for your liking.