LEZYNE Sport Drive High Pressure Bicycle Hand Pump | 120psi, Presta and Schrader Compatible, Mountain & Road Bike Pump


Regular price $19.99

The Lezyne Sport Drive HP Hand Pump is a compact pump and an awesome value. The machined aluminum barrel hides the Flex Hose, a short rubber hose that extends from the main body of the pump and attaches to either Schrader or Presta valves, making it much less awkward to pump your tires on the side of the road or trail. The high-grade plastic Composite Matrix and polished alloy construction mean the pump looks good and feels good, and will last a long time. The Sport Drive HP's Flex Hose doesn't have the ABS (Air Bleed System) that allows you to precisely deflate without unthreading the hose, as found on the more expensive standard Drive HP pump, but for this price, it's very hard to beat. The pump also includes lightweight composite matrix frame mount.