Mad Bomber Canvas Aviator Pilot Bomber Hat Real Rabbit Fur Trapper Hunting Cap

Mad Bomber

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We didnÕt become the worldÕs largest manufacturer of original bomber hats overnight. We began with a simple goal: to design a warm, aviator-style hat that would be as much fun to wear as it is comfortable. Before you knew it, our unisex Bomber Hat was turning heads around the world. Its sturdy design and materials make it perfect for cold weather adventurers and hunting enthusiasts É but itÕs also a bold declaration of what we like to call hattitude. Over the years, we added a few bells and whistles (donÕt worry, thatÕs just a figure of speech), but the essence of our very first hat remains the same. Whether you dig its Elmer Fudd vibe, or just want to be warm during the Russian winter, we think youÕll agree that our Bomber Hat is the perfect fit.