Maxxis Unisex's MXT00109100 Transmissions, Black, 700 x 25c

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The High Road is our flagship road tire for elite racers and riders who demand the best equipment. It features: our all-new HYPR Compound which decreases rolling resistance while increasing wet traction; a K2 breaker beneath the tread for puncture protection; and a light and supple 120 TPI casing

Our best race-level clincher to date
Compound: HYPR Compound Technology
Puncture Protection Level: 1 2 3 4
Breaker: K2 Puncture Protection
Bead Type: Folding
Max PSI: 120
Weight: 210g

HYPR Compound

HYPR is a full-silica compound and our best-performing compound to date. Compared to our previous road racing compound, HYPR has 16% less rolling resistance with 23% better grip in wet conditions. Impressively, HYPR decreases rolling resistance and increases traction, all while keeping durability equal to our previous rubber compounds

Available in select tires, this Maxxis exclusive fabric provides greater puncture protection than both standard Kevlar® and Vectran®. The addition of this lightweight and supple material ensures that ride quality and performance remain unsurpassed

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