Muc Off Camo Disc Brake Covers, Set of 2 - Washable Neoprene Protective Covers for Bicycle Disc Brakes - Protects from Overspray and Damage in Transit

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Muc-Off Disc Brake Covers are the ultimate solution for protecting your bike disc brakes during maintenance or transit. A must-have addition to your bike cleaning kit, the Disc Brake Covers provide complete protection from contaminants, protectant overspray and corrosion during your post-ride clean-up. What's more, they can also be used to defend your discs from damage when transporting your bike to the next trail. Our patented design means that they are super fast and easy to fit and they're suitable for use with all Road Bike and MTB rotors. Our Disc Brake Covers are made from breathable neoprene material that enables you to simply rinse them off and reuse them - time and time again! The end is nigh for loss of braking power from rogue overspray ... finally! Our Disc Brake Covers come as a pair and are available in two gnarly colourways. To fit, start by separating the neoprene cover from the base plate. With the velcro facing towards you, slide the base plate over the hub axle by pulling it apart slightly at the join, then push downwards until the centre hole is around the axle. To apply the neoprene cover, start at the caliper and press the neoprene cover over the caliper/cable and then around the entire rotor. Ensure all parts are covered before applying protectants, polishes or spray lubes. After each use, simply rinse both parts in water and leave to hang dry. Just remember, don't ride your bike with the covers attached and don't spray protectants or lubes directly onto the Disc Brake Covers for an extended period of time.

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