Nelson 5/8-Inch and 3/4-Inch Composite Compression Fit Hose Repair Mender, 50410


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Item Package Quantity:1<br>Product Description<br>Many consumers assume that a hose with a crushed coupling or damaged tubing cannot be salvaged. But Nelson offers quick, inexpensive repair solutions to give those damaged hoses new life. For heavy-duty hose repairs, nothing beats solid metal repair components. Save money and time. To repair a hose with a compression-fit kit, simply cut out the damaged section, insert the cut end (or ends) and twist the collar clockwise. YouÕll have a watertight connection in about 15 secondsÑno tools required.<br>From the Manufacturer<br>This LR Nelson Composite Fit Hose Repair features a no tools required installation! The ergonomic grip swivel makes for easy handling, and the female end is designed to repair 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch garden hoses.