Park Tool PCS-9.2 Home Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

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While most of the time we spend daydreaming about hours spent on the bike, those are often only made possible by the hours we spend off the bike, tinkering and tweaking, to get things dialed just right. Sure, you could do this leaned awkwardly against a doorway, or on your living room floor, but with the Park Tool Home Mechanic Repair Stand - PCS-9. 2 you can elevate your work experience(literally and figuratively). This handy folding stand lets you work in your driveway, garage, or living room, with 18-inches of height adjustment, and a full 360-degrees of rotational adjustment, so you adjust derailleurs, swap parts, bleed brakes, or simply lube things up and clean your steed. The Home Mechanic Repair Stand is built from durable teardrop shaped steel to prevent unwanted rotation, and uses super strong fiberglass reinforced composite fittings and internals to create smooth rotation and secure positioning. Its clamp can be secured around anything from a 1-inch to 3-inch tube, and uses a spinning mechanism to lock in place.

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