Portland Design Works 3wrencho Tire Lever/Wrench


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No, we're not talking about Yoshi Konno (RIP), but the Portland Design Works 3wrencho Tire Lever/Wrench is a solemn tribute to his master craftsmanship. The 3wrencho combines a 15mm box wrench with one of the best tire levers on the market. Impeccable design, tasteful representation, and a true work horse of function -- we think Yoshi would approve. Portland Design Works' 3wrencho is made from a durable, heat-treated steel. However, while this guarantees longevity, strength alone can't remove pesky tires and axle nuts. So, PDW mated the solid construction with a 4.5in length handle to provide enough stiffness and leverage to remove any stubbornly torqued 15mm axle nut. And when you're not cranking the 15mm box wrench, the slope of the design makes for a comfortable handle when using the opposite end as a tire lever. That's right -- a wrench and a lever. This is where we'll note that you've been given two options of the 3wrencho to consider. The Black version has been given a glass-filled nylon coating that will protect your pretty rims; while the Silver is completely raw and a little less friendly with carbon fiber. So, if you love your rims more than yourself, we recommend using the coated 3wrencho. As you would assume, the 3wrencho does have three uses. However, the third usage is entirely up to you. Use the 3wrencho for any task that can benefit from a strong, 4.5in stick. Crack a beer, spread on your peanut butter (a la Campy), or use it as a pointer in your next boardroom presentation -- it's up to you. The Portland Design Works 3wrencho - Tire Lever/Wrench is available in both colors Black (coated) and Silver (raw).