Serengeti Dante Sunglasses, Black Pearl


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Uniquely fashioned temples distinguish Dante from the crowd. Wire-flex technology automatically adapts for an impeccable fit. All Serengeti lenses offer the latest in photochromic technology, which constantly lightens and darkens throughout the day to ensure you see every detail.<br>Details: Premium Metal family, medium/large universal fit, 130mm temple length, 8 Rx base curve, adjustable nose pads, wire-flex technology designed for comfort that feels truly customized features a flexible and strong blend of nickel, silver and stainless steel, Polarized 555nm Blue lens. Lens size: 63 x 38 x 64mm, 15mm dbl. Photochromic - react to UV light, adapt to all light conditions, enhance your vision. Polarization - attain the venetian blind effect, absorb all four types of glare, discover below the surface. Serengeti's exclusive Advanced Polarized Surface Technology has been engineered into the backside of every Polar PhD lens, eliminating the delamination and deterioration inherent with film. Whether crossing sun-scorched desert valleys or winding mountain roads, Serengeti lenses perfectly adapt to changing light conditions. Lens Technology: 555nm Blue - as a beautiful variation of the 555nm, the 555nm Blue features a reflective blue dielectric mirror coating, which offers a category 2 to 3 555nm lens protection that reflects more glare and improves contrast. Material: Nickel, Silver, Stainless Steel.<br>Serengeti Eyewear, driven by vision, and have been since the beginning. Evolution over the past century follows an unparalleled path of achievements in technology, design, and performance from Corning, which led to the advanced sunglass lens technology of today's Serengeti Eyewear.