SKS Alley Cat Full Coverage Bicycle Fender Set - B45 for 700 x 28-38 (Matte Black), (10433)

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SKS Bluemels Matte mudguards are a stylish and functional bike accessory to protect bikers from water or dirt splashes. Keep yourself and your bike dry and fresh on your daily rides to work, family rides, group rides, or pack rides. Bluemels Matte fenders are made using high quality composite material that is sturdy for use on mountain bikes. Bluemels use a special sandwich technology with aluminium strips inside a plastic housing. The traditional full-length design is light-weight and stays least invasive on rider's mobility. Matte fender comes with mudflaps for extended protection. These robust, permanent fenders will stay secure and unbending during bumpy rides and transitions. Installing these on the front will protect your face and front part of your body from mud and water sprays. Install on the back to protect your rear or the back rider from splashes. SKS Bluemels will withstand outdoor effects like high temperature and exposure to weather elements like UV and rusting. Bluemels will shield your bike parts like the brakes and drivetrain from dirt sprays. The use of mudguards will save bikers a lot of time and money spent on your bike cleaning and servicing. Fender set has a front fender and a rear fender. Package includes a struts kit, a stainless-steel fixed bridge and mounting materials. Sizes & Specifications: B45 - 28" 45mm - fits 700x28-38 Weight: 592 gm Wheel Size: 27.5", (650b)", 28" Tire Width: 28-38 mm Length front fender: 780 mm Length rear fender: 1285 mm B53 - 28" 53mm - fits 700x38-47 Weight: 638 gm Wheel Size: 27.5", (650b)", 28" Tire Width: 38-47 mm Length front fender: 780 mm Length rear fender: 1285 mm

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