Spank Oozy 220 Anatomic Trail Bicycle Saddle, Waterproof Saddle Bicycle, Universal Fit, Bicycle Seat with Ergonomic Zone Concept for Men & Women, Bike Saddle (Black Green)

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SPANK OOZY 220 SADDLE. Having the right saddle on your bike while you're riding will increase your comfort on the bike. Having the wrong saddle can create hot spots and numbness. The Spank Oozy 220 Saddle is a trail inspired saddle and is designed to support the rider whether they are riding uphill or downhill. It has a slight kick-up on the back of the saddle for uphill and added lower back support. The Oozy 220 features reinforced impact zones and a pronounced relief channel to help relieve pressure while you're riding. The Oozy 220 is designed with the sleek look and performance of race saddles, but it offers higher levels of anatomic comfort and shock absorption which is necessary for long days on the trail. The pronounced relief channel and the padding are optimized to offer comfort in the sit bones zone where riders (men and women), typically experience the most discomfort and pinched nerves which lead to numbness and pain. The typical impact zones are reinforced to increase the overall durability. The shell is made from a reinforced polymer and is covered with co-moulded foam. There is central channel and some perforations under the sits bones to add comfort and the saddle features adaptive edges, which Spank says improves the fit and reduces stress on your soft bits. There is a slight taper to the perimeter of the saddle, so there are no hard edges.

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