SPANK Spike Race 2 Shot-Peen Anodized MTB Bicycle Stem, Black, 35mm

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Color: Black
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SPANK SPIKE RACE 2 STEM. This super shiny shot-peen anodized 35mm stem from Spank offers a short setup, with plenty of support on the bar clamp area and performs flawlessly. It's tough, moderately lightweight and offers good value, though it is only available in a 31.8mm diameter clamp. Built from a Micro Grain Refined alloy, which should make the stem harder and stronger, its forged and then CNC weight optimized - which means some of the excess weight is removed post forging. The stem is a four bolt clamp, which has chamfered edges to reduce any load on bars that may result in scratched that can lead to failure. It's 0° rise and 35mm in length(also available in 50mm) and 31.8 bar diameter. Whether you're bombin' down the mountain, racing to victory, or just cruising the trails and taking in the scenery, you're going to want a good stem to keep your bike under control. The Spank Spike Race 2 Stem is among the shortest available to better fit the latest generation of super long bikes and super wide bars. It features a wide and chamfered bar clamp that diffuses the clamping force and adds rigidity to the bar and stem interface. Built for the demands of rough and tumble mountain riding, this dependably durable stem gives an impressively responsive and rigid performance as you blaze from trail to trail. Equipped with a chamfered clamp, the Race 2 uses a four-bolt locking mechanism to maintain a tight and protective hold on your bar, while the steerer-end ensures a positive engagement with your forks. A zero rise-angle keeps your bar level for improved strength and poise. Shotpeen-finished and CNC weight-optimised, this tough stem is ideal for the tenacious all mountain and enduro rider.

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