SQlab Unisex_Adult Griffe 702, Größe Handles, Black, L

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The 702 comfort handle provides maximum contact surface, support and comfort. The extra large wing supports the wrist and distributes the pressure comfortably and evenly thanks to the very large contact surface. The preferred area of application is the comfortable trekking or city bike. The package includes a pair of handles. The wide outer and deep downward relief wings make the space free for a secure grip of the grip body in all situations. The raised handle end picks up the outside of the hand and gives the hand grip. The inside is higher and thus ensures the natural position of the hand. Ulnar nerve and median nerve as well as the carpal tunnel output are thus specifically relieved. On the front and bottom gives the ergonomic grip, a wavy elevation on the front and bottom, the fingers grip safety and an optimal grip. The clamp moved from the outside to the inside during product development. This increases the cushioning and comfort on the outside of the hand. The SQlab handle series is therefore no longer compatible with twist grips. Various rubber compounds ensure a perfect grip and high comfort. Only the best materials are used. This guarantees a long service life and no gluing of the rubber grip. The individual grip width is crucial. The 702 handle has different sizes in diameter, length and shape.

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