STABILicers Maxx 2 Heavy-Duty Traction Cleats for Job Safety in Ice and Snow (1 pair)


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New STABILicers Maxx2 is 25% lighter than our original Maxx. Providing proven traction solutions, STABILicers help keep teams safe and secure. Off the job, STABILicers work great on slippery surfaces while hiking, fishing, or any outdoor activity.<br>EASY WEAR AND DURABLE: New enhanced binding system easily attaches to shoes and boots with adjustable SureFit polyester hook-and-loop bindings that hold strong, even when wet. Long-lasting soles are designed to endure the toughest environment.<br>DESIGN: Thirty replaceable steel cleats now utilize our "sport cleat" which threads into a metal receptacle inside of the not stretch to fit sole for strong traction. The full-sole coverage and cleat placement enhance lateral stability to ensure comfort.<br>REDUCE INJURY: Reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls by providing traction while shoveling snow or walking your dog in the elements. Aggressive cleats and tread pattern prevents slips and falls on ice, snow, wet pavement, and black ice.<br>Made in the USA: Designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality and performance standards. Dependability when you need it most, designed for years of use.