STICKY HOLSTERS SM 1 - For Micro Handguns, Autos and Derringers With Up To 2.5" Barrel


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What's a Sticky Holster?<br>Since our inception, we have developed these holsters into a modular system, where you can use it IWB, in the pocket, on your ankle using our ankle rig, and for police officers, on their tactical/armored vest, etc. They don't come with clips or loops to secure it in place, as the outer "sticky" skin adheres to your waistband, undergarments, and/or your skin.<br>The outside skin is a super non-slip material that, with a little pressure, adheres to just about anything. Sticky Holsters are perfect to be carried in the Waistband or pocket. They can be used in sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans, and everything without a belt. As long as your pants stay on, the holster will keep your pulse in place for easy access if needed.<br>This holster will also work in your pocket as well.<br>SM 1 is designed for larger framed For Micro Handguns - autos/derringers with up to 2.5" barrel.<br>These holsters have an ambidextrous fit for equal accessibility for right and left-handers.<br>SM 1 fits the Following Guns:<br>- Beretta Bobcat .22LR 2.5<br>- Beretta Bobcat 25ACP 2.4<br>- Cimmeron Firearms CB 38 38 SP 2.75<br>- Seecamp LWS32 32ACP<br>- Seecamp LWS38 380ACP<br>- Astra, S.A. Firecat 25ACP 2.5<br>- Beretta Tomcat 32ACP 2.4375<br>QUALITY AMERICAN CRAFTSMANSHIP: Sticky Holsters Inc. stands by the quality of our holsters and accessories, 100% Made In The USA.