Styrka S7 Series 2.5-15x50 Illuminated Plex SF Riflescope, Black (ST-95040)


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Style:2.5-15x50 Illum. Plex<br>STYRKA S7 Series Riflescopes feature STYRKAÕs proprietary SXL-MAX multi-coating for increased light transmission throughout the entire optical system and across the entire visible spectrum. SLX-MAX also enhances contrast and resolution for sharper, more detailed images with natural color. STYRKA S7 riflescopes are constructed of one-piece, 30mm aircraft-grade aluminum for long-lasting durability. The only thing between you and the trophy in your crosshairs is the riflescope mounted to your firearm. At this moment of truth, just as you pull the trigger, the image you see must be as crisp and clear. ThatÕs precisely what STYRKA S7 Series Riflescopes deliver. They are loaded with important features that culminate in a successful shot. The S7 2.5-15x50 with illuminated plex reticle has a 6x zoom ratio and a large 50mm objective lens for improved low-light performance and the ability to adjust for parallax. All covered by the best warranty in the optics industry. We call it STYRKA Pride. ItÕs the warranty to beat all warranties. ItÕs simple, direct and all about you, our customer. We want you to know, before you buy a STYRKA product, that we are committed to - and invested in - making sure you have a wonderful and world-class experience. At STYRKA, we strive to make sure your experience in the field is a great one. And we stand behind our products to do just that. ThatÕs why the STYRKA Pride Warranty is so simple. In the event of damage or malfunction, we will repair or replace your STYRKA product free of charge. No questions asked. No registration required. No receipt needed. No matter who bought it. The only caveat? The warranty doesnÕt cover theft, loss or intentional damage. It gets better. Send us your STYRKA product and weÕll clean and tune it up once per year. Regular maintenance helps keep your STYRKA performing like the day you bought it. Again, itÕs all about the experience, and we want yours with STYRKA to be the best.