Tachikara Sensi-Tec Composite High Performance Volleyball (Purple/White/Silver Gray)


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Product description<br>The Tachikara SV5WSC Sensi Tec volleyball is designed to deliver you a soft touch, performance, and playability.<br>Amazon.com<br>Tachikara's Sensi-Tec composite leather volleyball will add color and increased visibility to your practice or game. The innovative material and superior construction will deliver a soft touch with unmatched playability. This ball is suitable for all ages and level of play.<br>About Tachikara<br>Tachikara is a world leader in advanced manufacturing methods and innovative materials for athletic balls. Established in 1915 and incorporated in 1920, the company?s name is derived from Tachikara-Ono-Mikoto, better known as the "God of Power" in Japanese mythology. In 1952, Tachikara revolutionized the sporting goods industry with new technology to produce a seamless ball. It was in this era that Tachikara pioneered their proprietary Single Unit Construction method for manufacturing athletic balls to improve the spherical shape, air retention, rebound, and overall durability.<br>In the years to follow, Tachikara?s relentless pursuit to perfect a symmetrical and responsive ball through testing and research further positioned the company as a true leader in advanced designs and technology. For many years, Tachikara has enjoyed finding its way into the hands of the world?s top athletes and are committed to staying at the cutting-edge of design, manufacturing, materials, and supply of innovative and quality products.