Tachikara TP20 Dual-Action Inflation Pump, Black


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Product Description<br>Tachikara's 8 plastic dual-action hand-held inflation pump with hose and needle included. The needle is under a little button at the end of the handle.<br>Amazon.com<br>Keep your sports balls optimally inflated with this eight-inch handheld pump, which includes a hose and needle. Dual action inflation provides faster pumping, as it injects air with both the push and pull of the piston.<br>About Tachikara<br>Japanese company Tachikara, established in 1915, is an innovator in the world of advanced manufacturing methods for athletic balls, having introduced the proprietary Single Unit Construction method of manufacturing seamless athletic balls in 1952. This technology improved balls' spherical shape, air retention, rebound, and overall durability, and is now commonly referred to as "molded" or "laminated." Today, the company continues to advance sporting goods manufacturing methods, and offers a diverse product line across sports including volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, and more.