Trijicon AC20007 Magnification Lever for AccuPoint & AccuPower Black


Regular price $71.00

The AccuPoint/AccuPower magnification lever, slides and clamps over the existing magnification ring fin on select AccuPoint/AccuPower models. This extends the length of the magnification ring fin allowing you leverage for easier and faster manipulation of your magnification ring. Allowing you to go from low to high or high to low magnification when speed counts. Package includes: - 1 magnification lever - 1 #10-32x5/16" bhcs (installed in lever) - 1 installation Instruction card - 1 hex wrench. Specifications: - fits: AccuPoint: TR25, TR26 only AccuPower: RS20, RS22, RS24, RS29 - weight: 0.29 oz. - overall length: 0.48"L x 0.59"W x 1.25"H - color: black