Tubbs Men's Wilderness Snowshoe, Light Grey/Blue, 25 in.


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The Tubbs Men's Wilderness Snowshoes are a super-versatile snowshoe that can be used for day trips, longer excursions, and everything in between. Thanks to its light weight, ease of use, and versatile design, the Tubbs Wilderness snowshoes have everything you need to enjoy your time in the cold winter snows. If you've ever walked through really deep snow without snow shoes, then you know what type of struggle it is. It's real in the realest sense. When the snow gets hip-deep, making any headway whatsoever is a real problem. The second you throw a pair of snowshoes on, that problem all but disappears. Whether you're breaking trail through the woods after a storm, or simply making your way along a packed trail, the Tubbs Men's Wilderness Snowshoes are the perfect tool for the job. With a light-weight aluminum frame, the snowshoes will not hold you back from getting where you want to go. With each step, the frame and weight of the snowshoes allows you to travel further and easier than you previously thought you could do. The bindings are super easy to use, especially when you get your size dialed in. From there, it's a simple toe strap that cinches up your boot. With different sizes to accommodate different hiker weights and snow depths, the Wilderness snowshoes are super versatile, and can complete a number of different tasks. You'll love the blend of performance and versatility of the Tubbs Men's Wilderness Snowshoes.