Tubbs Snowshoes Women's Panoramic Day Hiking Snowshoes


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The Tubbs Panoramic women's snowshoe is poised for optimal floatation in fresh snow. This shoe's flexible DynamicFit and reliable Boa closure system deliver uncompromised security, and our Cobra Traction design will grip unexpectedly icy terrain. Don't turn around early - tackle local trails and reach winter vistas on the Tubbs Panoramic.Less ThanBRGreater ThanLess ThanBGreater ThanFeature TechnologyLess ThanbRGreater ThanLess ThanBRGreater ThanLess ThanBGreater ThanFit-Step FrameLess Than/BGreater ThanLess ThanBRGreater ThanThe innovative and biomechanical aluminum Fit-Step frame, designed with a slightly upturned, rounded tail, reduces muscular skeletal impact on hip, knee and ankle joints by 10%.Less ThanBRGreater ThanLess ThanBGreater ThanRII Revolution ResponseLess ThanBrGreater ThanEnergy efficient and effective, RII delivers shock absorbing lateral flex and quick side slope responsiveness to maintain a natural foot position in all conditions. Full step rotation allows the tail of the snowshoe to drop, shedding snow and allowing the toe crampon to bite deeply.Less ThanbRGreater ThanLess ThanBRGreater ThanLess ThanBGreater ThanDynamicFit BindingLess ThanBRGreater ThanThe DynamicFit binding integrates the Boa Closure System with the comfort of EVA foam to produce even pressure distribution around your boot, creating precise fit and optimized control. Releasing the binding is as simple as pulling up on the Boa dial.Less ThanBRGreater ThanLess ThanBGreater ThanCobra Crampo