Wald 40T 1/8" Chrome Chainring (1 Piece)


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George Jetson had it made. Three hour workdays, talking computers, spaceship cars, and the lone money-earning task of pushing a button every day makes the oh-so-far-off future too good to be true. The only thing that seemingly ever got Mr. J down was Mr. Spacely. Spacely Sprockets and Cogswell Cogs fought tooth-and-nail to outdo the other in cranking out new gears. Here at Wald, we like to think we'd give them both a run for their money. Wald sprockets are available in 36-tooth (536), 40-tooth (540), 42-tooth (542), and 44-tooth (you guessed it, the 544) sizes. Perfect for kid cruisers and BMX bikes with a historical appreciation for steel's contribution to bicycling. All models are chrome plated and offer inch pitch x 1/8 inch.