WTB Volt Race Saddle


Regular price $53.92

Every rider likes a comfortable saddle, but some are more prepared to shell out serious coin than others. If you're looking to save some green for other upgrades but want a saddle that can do it all, the WTB Volt Race Saddle is a good call. The only difference between the Volt Race and Volt Pro is the padding -- the Race foregoes the DNA padding in favor of WTB's standard padding, which doesn't offer quite the weight savings but keeps comfort levels high. If you find yourself riding off the back of the saddle, the Volt features a raised 'whale' tail that tilts your pelvis forward and leverages pedaling efforts with greater efficiency. As you slowly migrate forward in preparation for a difficult climb, the front of the Volt offers greater support while you hammer. This versatility, the central channel, and efficient but flexible Flex-Tuned Shell all make it a solid choice for road and trail enthusiasts.